Digital Converter Shootout

In this shootout, we compare 8 of our most popular converters. Use the Soundcloud player above to compare the sound files - no talking, just audio so you can make up your own mind…

All converters used their own internal clock and, where possible, they were also used as the interface to minimise digital interconnects. Analogue input level was left static throughout. All converters were turned on and left for over an hour before recording. The sound files were normalised per clip to a specific RMS. All tracks recorded @ 24-bit/ 96kHz The raw .WAV audio files can be DOWNLOADED FROM HERE. Simply download the files, import them into your favourite DAW and audition through your own system.

Test Conditions

An acoustic guitar was recorded with the following setup:

Soyuz SU-023 Bomblet Microphone > AMS Neve 1073 Classic > AD Converter

Sony C800G PAC Microphone > AMS Neve 1084 Classic > AD Converter

The Converters

Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2

Avid Omni HD I/O

Burl B2 Bomber ADC

Crane Song Interstellar

Lynx Aurora (n)

Merging Technologies HAPI

Prism Sound Titan

Universal Audio Apollo X16

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