KMR Video | Overstayer M-A-S Model 8101

KMR Video : Overstayer | M-A-S Model 8101

Overstayer Audio created a solid following right from their humble beginnings in 2009 when designer Jeff Turzo started making sought-after equipment that was originally made for his own studio use! One of the most popular Overstayer products is the Saturator NT-02A that provides harmonic distortion and crunch/bite to your individual sources and busses, from overdrive to subtle squishing this is one harmonic box that kicked off the whole Overstayer sound. As well as channel processing there are two compressors available, the Stereo Voltage Control 3722 (VCA Compressor) and the Stereo Field Effect 3706 (FET compressor) which I reviewed here:

M-A-S Model 8101

Not content to stop there, Overstayer has a range of other channels currently in design but the Overstayer M-A-S 8101 is the subject of our latest KMR Video above. This has become extremely popular across the mix bus, and subgroups of many established Mix Engineers, and can also provide that missing harmonic analogue depth to individual sources, whether at tracking or mixdown. For more information or to arrange a demo of any Overstayer products please click the image link below or contact us directly.