A-Designs ATTY

A-Designs ATTY

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Hand-built two channel passive line-level attenuator from California. Low-cost, no-noise, compact device designed for audio level control.

At a glance

  • 100% passive line attenuator
  • Does not color or negatively affect sound quality
  • Convenient, one-knob stereo level control
  • Transparent, noise-free level control for any line-level source
  • Desktop powered monitor control
  • Super handy Mute/Panic button prevents speaker-damaging thumps or feedback
  • Prevent digital overs caused by high-output preamps
  • Control output levels while maintaining high-gain input signal
  • Compact size fits easily in small spaces
  • Two balanced Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks
  • Two balanced XLR outputs
  • Rugged metal casing
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 4-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3”.
  • Weight: 0.7 lb.

The A-Designs ATTY is a high-quality, hand-built passive two channel line-level attenuator.

Built to exacting standards the rugged little ATTY is typical of other A-Designs products: solid, sensible and put together with no thought of compromise.

By making the ATTY sonically transparent in operation, it means that you can insert it inline wherever signal attenuation is needed, without fear of it colouring the sound. Two XLR combo Ins, two XLR Outs, an attenuating knob and a very useful Mute button feature on the ATTY.

Offering a simple answer to the many problems that beset professional engineers and producers, the A-Designs ATTY proves once again that an idea doesn't need to be complicated to be the ideal solution.

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