A-Designs HM2 Nail Compressor

Hybrid Solid State / Valve stereo compressor/limiter

CAP2: 0 £2,399.00
£1,999.17 ex VAT
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Stereo 2 channel hybrid rack mounted compressor/limiter

At a glance

  • Solid-state/tube hybrid design combines high performance with rich sound
  • Dual-channel with a switchable stereo link or dual-mono modes
  • Mix control lets you blend wet/dry signal for parallel compression
  • Hard Threshold and Filter let you select amount of compression and frequency (to 250Hz) to prevent the mix from being “dragged down” by LF energy
  • Awarded “Mix Certified Hit” by Mix magazine
  • Custom-milled aluminium knobs
  • Custom-milled aluminium faceplate
  • LED Indicators switchable to stereo
  • Gain-reduction switch for meters
  • 2U rackmount
  • Balanced XLR outputs
  • Carling toggle power switch
  • Red jewel power indicator
  • In/out switch

The A-Designs HM2 Nail Compressor is an innovative award-winning hybrid rack-mounted stereo compressor/limiter from A-Designs.

Built from the finest components, the A-Designs HM2 uses a hybrid combination of solid-state and valve design to bring you the warmth and breadth of their tube technology approach.

The clever part of the HM2 Nail Compressor is the way that it incorporates a Hard Threshold and Sidechain Filter alongside its regular Threshold control - put simply, without the Hard Threshold in use, the HM2 Nail acts in a simple gain reduction mode. With the Hard Threshold and the Sidechain HPF Filter in action you can rely on the HM2 to add compression above the desired frequency selected, without being affected by the bass information below it.

A Mix knob on the HM2 is another neat feature of the unit, allowing you to vary the amount of compression you are applying without resetting input levels. Capable of working as both a stereo unit across the mix bus, the A-Designs HM2 Nail Compressor is also perfectly suited to control the dynamics as two mono units, for channel insertion.

Widely acclaimed by engineers and producers, both for the Nail HM2 Compressor and many of their other top quality units, A-Designs has earned itself an enviable reputation for providing you with nothing but the best.

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