A-Designs Mix Factory

16x2+2 Summing Mixer with Inserts and Cinemag Output transformer

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16x2+2 Summing mixer with dedicated group and master inserts, gain and pan controls as well as Cinemag Output Transformer

The A-Designs Mix Factory is a 16-channel analogue summing mixer with two insert points designed to deliver warm mixes with the depth and imaging to help mixes stand out.

The A-Designs Mix Factory is based on a concept developed by Tony Shepperd and originally built by Paul Wolff. It boasts 16 audio channels with continuous gain controls, pan-pots with centre detent, and an audio sensitive LED Cut button to mute the signal.

Each summing group (1-8 and 9-16) includes an insert to plug a compressor or EQ with a mute button. The master section also includes an insert point with a dedicated mute switch.

The Mix Factory boasts a Cinemag output transformer that, when activated, changes the sound from clean to coloured at the push of a button. The difference in tone provides the flexibility desired by modern professionals.

The Mix Factory is linkable, fitting 64 channels or more if required.

A-Designs Mix Factory Summing Mixer Overview:

  • 16x2+2 Analogue Summing Mixer
  • Imagined by Tony Shepperd, Designed by Paul Wolff and Built by A-designs
  • Continuous controls of gain and pan
  • Individual channel mute and signal indicator
  • Two eight-channel groups with insert and mute
  • Master insert with dedicated mute button
  • Switchable Cinemag output transformer offers additional colour if required
  • Two or more units can be linked together for bigger systems.
  • External Power Supply


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