A-Designs P-1

single channel 500 Series mic preamp

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Single channel mic pre-amp for the 500 Series based on Pacifica rack pre-amp

At a glance

  • Single-channel, solid-state preamp for the 500 Series format
  • Captures the sound quality of the legendary Quad Eight Pacifica console with even more presence and high-end
  • Very warm and full tone without being dark; wide bandwidth with a sweet top end
  • 72dB of quiet gain, great for use with ribbon mics
  • Unique DI design
  • Phase reversal
  • -20dB pad
  • +48V phantom power
  • Solid construction, made in the USA.

The A-Designs P-1 Mic-Pre is a single channel mic preamp for the 500 Series format, inspired by the Quad console, as also used in the A-Designs Pacifica rack unit.

Simplicity itself, the A-Designs P-1 Mic Pre was inspired by the input section of the classic Quad Eight console, to give you an outstanding mic-pre built to the highest standards and capable of bringing all your recordings to life.

With just a gain, phase reverse, pad and 48v phantom supply to offer you on the front panel of the P-1, it is what is underneath the cover that counts. As ever with the thoughtfully-designed units from A-Design, it is top-quality components, attention to detail and meticulous workmanship.

The P-1 Mic Pre is just one of the six 500 Series units available from A-Designs at the moment. Like the Pacifica two-channel rack unit, A-Designs have set out to re-create a classic from the past and with the P-I Mic Pre they've done it again.

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