A-Designs Reddi

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High spec tube-driven DI box for quality live and studio work

At a glance

  • All-tube direct box with custom output transformer
  • Ultra-wide frequency range (20Hz to 60 kHz)
  • Neutrik input connector, balanced XLR out and 1/4" 'thru jack
  • Inspired by the Ampeg B-15
  • Clean and airy high end, warmth, transparency and ultra-high-quality sound
  • Level control
  • Ground lift
  • Ultra-bright blue LED on/off lamp
  • Zero-feedback loop design
  • Massive custom-wound transformers
  • 6NI-P tube
  • Low-Z transformer-balanced output

The A-Designs REDDI is a no-compromise tube-powered DI box of the highest quality for stage and studio use.

Using a 6N1-P tube, the A-Designs REDDI was originally inspired by the great Ampeg B-15 bass amp and they have developed the concept even further, never forgetting that you want full TONE, the sound that only tubes can ingrain in your sound, not the usual flat transistor result, whenever you plug your bass in.

The design of the REDDI DI box is simplicity itself - with an attenuator control, input jack, XLR out, Thru' jack and a cool blue light all located on the front panel. The back panel has the on/off switch, power socket and earth lift. Oh yes, the REDDI is also a Bright Red colour. That should stop you tripping over it in a dimly-lit studio!

Despite being aimed at bass players, the A-Designs REDDI is adaptable and can be used to send any of your electric musical instruments straight onto the next stage of their journey, in superlative tonal luxury.

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