Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 MkII

Valve limiter

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Inspired by the iconic Teletronix LA-2, the Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 MKIII is a single-channel all-valve optical limiter meticulously built to meet rigorous military specs. At its core lies a distinctive triple optoelectronic circuit, unleashing the full potential of this cutting-edge device by seamlessly combining the finest qualities from three separate compression curves into a unified unit. The result is a captivating array of non-linear dynamic effects, offering a remarkable sonic versatility that spans from pristine clarity to irresistibly warm and overdriven tones.

At a glance

  • All-tube circuitry
  • High-speed cadmium-selenide (CdSe) photocells
  • Custom Bakelite analog control knobs
  • Full-sized backlit panel meters
  • 15db switchable input pad
  • Hand-wired 2 stage bypass switch
  • Triple optoelectronic circuit
  • Cinemag input transformer
  • IEC power connector
  • 115/230V AC Mains
  • Neutrik XLR input and output connectors
  • Stereo link connector
  • Micalex tube sockets

The Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 MKIII is a single-channel all-valve optical limiter, drawing inspiration from the legendary Teletronix LA-2. It is meticulously crafted to meet stringent military-style specifications.

The Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 MKIII unleashes the potential of a distinctive triple optoelectronic circuit, seamlessly combining the finest qualities from three separate compression curves into a unified unit, resulting in a captivating array of non-linear dynamic effects. This cutting-edge device exhibits sonic versatility that spans the spectrum, offering pristine clarity at one end and irresistibly warm and overdriven tones at the other.

Innovative Design and Uncompromising Quality

At the heart of the Opticom lies a powerful combination of high-speed cadmium-selenide optical photocells for precise detection and an all-valve circuitry with point-to-point wiring, ensuring top-notch quality and durability. Encased in a robust 16-gauge solid steel chassis, every component, including the military-grade elements and custom-ordered bakelite analogue control knobs, exudes excellence. Further enhancing usability, full-sized backlit panel meters and Neutrik/cliff connectors guarantee reliable performance for years.

Revolutionary Performance and Timeless Character

Inspired by the granddaddy of tube-levelling amplifiers, the Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 MKIII has taken the professional audio realm by storm. Emanating rich, fat, and warm sonic character akin to traditional tube optical limiters, it also delivers impressive speed and versatility, surprising users.

Dynamic Precision and Harmonic Versatility

The triple optoelectronic circuit unlocks the ability to dial in three distinct response curves, offering maximum dynamic control and preserving transients even under heavy gain reduction. With the added charm of a CineMag input transformer that infuses harmonic bite, the Opticom XLA-3 MKIII emerges as the go-to dynamics controller for virtually any signal.

Its unrivalled adaptability makes the XLA-3 MKIII the reliable choice for easily handling vocals and instruments. With a vast tonal range from clean and transparent to harmonically rich and saturated, alongside compression curves ranging from gentle to aggressive, it embodies unparalleled versatility. And when pushed to the limit, it ensures lead vocals are firmly embedded in the mix, thanks to its harmonically biting capabilities.

Adaptive Modes and Triple Optoelectronic Circuit

Equipped with Normal, Fast, and Slow modes, the XLA-3 MKIII caters to subtle transient enhancement and comprehensive dynamics control. The proprietary triple optoelectronic circuit amalgamates the best qualities of three compression curves, elevating its performance close to that of FET designs, while retaining its high-speed optical limiter essence.

The Ultimate Flexible Optical Limiter

Producing great-sounding results is effortless with the Opticom XLA-3 MKIII, a standout among the most flexible optical limiters. Whether taming the dynamic range of a vocal, enriching a bass guitar's timbre, or applying creative compression to a drum track, achieving your desired outcome is intuitive. With its ability to create a wide range of captivating nonlinear dynamic effects, the XLA-3 MKIII is an invaluable asset in any musical setting.

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