Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3 MkII

Valve limiter

£2,249.17 ex VAT
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Single channel all-valve optical limiter inspired by the legendary Teletronix LA-2 and built to exacting military-style specifications

At a glance

  • All-tube circuitry
  • High-speed cadmium-selenide (CdSe) photocells
  • Custom Bakelite analog control knobs
  • Full-sized backlit panel meters
  • 15db switchable input pad
  • Hand-wired 2 stage bypass switch
  • Triple optoelectronic circuit
  • Cinemag input transformer
  • IEC power connector
  • 115/230V AC Mains
  • Neutrik XLR input and output connectors
  • Stereo link connector
  • Micalex tube sockets

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