AEA 44-CX 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

Limited Edition Ribbon Microphone

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Limited edition reproduction of the classic RCA 44, blending vintage aesthetics with modern functionality. It features a distinct umber grey casing, a custom RCA logo, and a unique three-position circuit jumper switch for versatile sound adjustments. Collaboratively engineered with Cinemag Transformers, it introduces an optimized inductor-transformer pairing and a choice of three sound settings – "M" for unaltered music, "V1" for a subtle high-pass filter on vocals, and "V2" for a more pronounced filter effect. This model pays homage to the historic 44BX and enhances it with contemporary innovation, offering a fusion of timeless design and advanced audio technology.

At a glance

  • Museum-quality homage to the RCA 44BX
  • Bronze investment-cast yoke, finished in satin nickel
  • Three-position toggle switch selects between “Music” (no filter/classic 44 sound), “V1” (HPF), and “V2” (more aggressive HPF)
  • Custom 1:32 transformer (original AEA R44CX is 1:28)
  • Full and rich sound; smooth highs and warm lows, with additional signal colouring options
  • Vintage-inspired look with classic brown XLR cable and non-reflective, umber transformer case

The AEA 44-CX 25LE is a limited edition museum-quality reproduction of the iconic RCA 44, crafted to celebrate AEA's 25th anniversary. This commemorative edition honours the legacy of the RCA 44BX with its inclusion of a three-position inductor high-pass filter switch and a meticulously colour-matched transformer case, seamlessly merging the timeless sound of the 44BX with the advancements of contemporary components and materials.

Sporting a vintage aesthetic akin to the original 44BX, the 44-CX 25LE showcases an umber grey casing, a brushed satin finish, and a bespoke "meatball" logo badge in the authentic RCA font, complemented by brown cabling. A nuanced variation in the colour of the grille silk subtly mimics the appearance of an aged microphone, adding to its authentic vintage appeal. The 25LE's standout feature is the ingeniously designed three-position circuit jumper switch located at the base, which enables easy sound customization without the need to open the microphone's case. This innovative addition draws inspiration from the past when broadcasters and musicians often modified their 44BXs with similar switches for more convenient sound adjustments.

Developed in collaboration with Cinemag Transformers, the 25LE features an expertly engineered inductor-transformer combination, taking cues from historical RCA schematics of the 44BX's "reactor," now known as an inductor. This model is distinguished by its 1:32 transformer ratio, deviating from the standard 1:28, and an inductor that can be linked to the transformer's secondary in multiple configurations. With the toggle switch at the base of the 25LE, users can select from three distinct sound profiles:

  • "M" (or "music"), bypassing the inductor for a pure, authentic sound.
  • "V1" introduces a subtle high-pass filter, ideally suited for smoothing out distant or mid-range vocals.
  • "V2", applying a more assertive high-pass filter, ideal for close-miking scenarios, enriching deeper vocals, or introducing a distinctive sonic character.

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