Active Ribbon Microphone

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Active ribbon microphone featuring a new motor design, a thin 1.2-micron ribbon, excels in medium-distance miking, captures subtle nuances of various instruments, delivers high-end clarity, compact and unobtrusive design, ideal for live and TV settings, and adapts well to equalisation.

At a glance

  • Features a new motor design and a thinner, smaller 1.2-micron ribbon
  • Excels at medium-distance miking with exceptional clarity
  • Ideal for capturing strings, acoustic guitars, and percussion
  • Provides high-end clarity, suitable for detailed sound capture in professional settings
  • Compact and discreet for use in live orchestral and TV environments
  • Responds well to equalisation, suitable for a wide range of audio applications

The AEA Nuvo N13, an active ribbon microphone, revolutionises the industry with its advanced motor design and a sleeker, smaller ribbon measuring only 1.2 microns. This innovative design departs from AEA's traditional 1.8-micron ribbons, positioning the N13 as the first non-Big Ribbon bidirectional microphone in their lineup.

Optimised for Mid-Distance Recording

Designed for medium-distance miking, the N13 captures the subtle nuances of strings, acoustic guitars, and percussion with remarkable clarity. Its superior transient response ensures precise sound reproduction, making it ideal for detailed audio capture in professional settings.

Versatile and Unobtrusive

The N13's compact size and dark slate grey finish make it perfect for unobtrusive use in live orchestral settings and television work, where discretion and easy positioning are crucial. Despite its subtle appearance, the N13 delivers high-end clarity even when used close-up on horns or vocals. Additionally, it responds exceptionally well to equalisation, enhancing its versatility across various audio applications.

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