AEA N22 Nuvo

Fig of 8 Ribbon Mic

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Active Ribbon microphone designed to bridge the gap between ribbon and condenser microphones offering stunning performance by one of the highest regarded ribbon microphone manufacturer.

At a glance

AEA N22 Nuvo Main Features:
• Specifically designed for engineers singer-songwriters, musicians, and home studios.
• Bridging the gap between the top end clarity of a condenser and the classic tone of a ribbon.
• Phantom-powered electronics for optimal performance with any preamp.
• Highly protected ribbon for close-up use and live sound applications.
• Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology as the AEA R44 and R84 microphones.
• 100% handcrafted in Pasadena, CA. 

The AEA N22 part of the Nuvo Series is an active, figure-of-8 large ribbon microphone delivering the tone of classic ribbon microphones and the top end clarity of condenser microphones.

The AEA N22 has been designed to capture the best possible sound to complement the music giving you plenty of character and the detail you require without the need to resort to EQs. A lot of time was spent listening to what the microphone was capturing before even looking at the measurements to ensure that the tone was fully captured

The AEA N22 is an extremely flexible microphone designed for the musician as well as the engineer, and is equally at home on stage or in the studio. Superb sounding on acoustic guitars and vocals, is no less impressive when mic’ing an electric guitar or bass cabinet, and unlike most ribbon microphones, it can also deal with high SPL imparting the beautiful character of ribbon microphones to drum kits.

AEA’s first microphone in the Nuvo series represents a new step in AEA’s approach to manufacturing ribbon microphones and is the realisation of Wes Dooley’s vision on  the evolution of ribbon microphones. The AEA N22 uses the same Big Ribbon technology which has made the company famous around the world, and requires +48V phantom power to active the JFET circuit and its custom German transformer. Unlike most ribbons, which require hefty gain and the correct impedance load for optimum performance, the N22 can work with most preamps, USB and FireWire audio interfaces.

This good quality Ribbon microphone is also surprisingly affordable allowing hobbyist as well as budget conscious professional to get their hands on a truly superb ribbon microphone, handcrafted in the US by a truly revered company with unrivalled knowledge and experience in the manufacture of high quality ribbon microphones.

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