AEA N8 Nuvo

Active Ribbon Microphone

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Active Ribbon Microphone designed to be the most open and natural sounding ribbon microphones ever made.

At a glance

  • Specifically designed to capture the acoustic space as faithfully as possible
  • Ideal for overheads, rooms, strings, orchestral, choirs and classical ensembles
  • Phantom-powered electronics for optimal performance with any preamp.
  • Matte Black colour for Orchestral and TV applications.
  • Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology as the AEA R44 and R84 microphones.
  • 100% handcrafted in Pasadena, CA.

The AEA N8 Nuvo is a phantom-powered ribbon microphone and the second microphone part of the Nuvo series of modern large-ribbon microphones by AEA.

The AEA N8 also known as the "Dark Knight" is designed to be the most open and natural sounding ribbon microphones ever made. Unlike the N22 which was designed for close-miking techniques for singer song-writers or guitarists, the N8 also known as the "dark knight" was built to reproduce acoustic spaces as faithfully as possible making it the ideal microphone to record drum overheads, rooms, strings, choirs, classical ensembles, orchestras and more. The N8 can also be used in close-miking situations with guitar cabs or bass amps where it delivers exceptional clarity and warmth. It also responds extremely well to EQs without ever sounding harsh.

Despite its resemblance to the N22, the N8 employs similar design philosophy as the R88 stereo ribbon microphone to deliver a truly astonishing open and natural sound. It also features the same aluminium Big Ribbon used in the flagship R44 microphone making it a modern descendent of the legendary RCA 44 microphone. A custom German transformer is being employed to deliver low-level detail and superior distortion performance even with long cable runs.

The N8 "Dark Knight" uses a black matt finish which makes it very discreet and ideal for orchestral and TV work thanks to its ease of positioning. The N8 is 100% built-in Pasadena.

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