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Classic replica of the legendary RCA 44 ribbon microphone with improved magnets, and SPL capabilities for modern recording requirements

The AEA R44C is a bi-directional passive ribbon microphone built to be an exact replica of the classic RCA type 44 originally designed in the 1930's.

Handmade in California by Audio Engineering Associates the AEA R44C is instantly recognisable from films and broadcasts of the 1940s and 1950s, especially for onscreen newsreaders and sportscasters. Wes Dooley decided to resurrect this once ubiquitous microphone with the AEA R44C to give today's users the experience of this wonderful sounding precision instrument. For owners of modern studios the R44C will show you the warm and wide characteristics that once made ribbon microphones the first choice of recording professionals. 

The 1.8 micron ribbon is exactly the same as the one used in the original RCA and uses neodymium magnets instead of the original Alnico magnets producing higher output. The figure-of-8 pickup pattern will let you discover the sound-response variations possible with only minor re-positioning, as the AEA R44C responds well to slight re-adjustments in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Capable of handling high sound pressure levels and working in a wide variety of situations, the R44C is well suited for horns, drum overheads and vocal applications. Rugged, beautiful and great sounding, the AEA R44C is destined to become a classic all of its own. The AEA R44C is a firm favourite of many engineers on vocals, strings, saxophones, electric guitars, brass, woodwinds, percussion.

AEA R44C Ribbon Microphone Overview:

  • Meticulous reproduction of the legendary RCA Ribbon Mic
  • A single diaphragm, bi-directional (Figure 8) ribbon mic
  • 90dB down broadband at 90 degrees
  • Custom AEA Transformer 
  • High SPL capability, max level is 140dB plus above 200Hz
  • Low Self Noise
  • Consistent polar response
  • Operable in high humidity environments
  • The sound of the original RCA44 but better
  • Smooth response top to bottom, silky and full sounding
  • Wonderful for guitars, horns, vocals and drum kits
  • Bi-Directional Ribbon Microphone
  • Classic sound and appearance.
  • Precision crafted and hand assembled
  • 2m XLR cable, Shock/stand mount and case included
  • Handmade in California, United States

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