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High-output version of the R44 microphone.

At a glance

  • Meticulous reproduction of the legendary RCA Ribbon Mic
  • A single diaphragm, bi-directional (Figure 8) ribbon mic
  • 90dB down broadband at 90 degrees
  • Custom AEA Transformer
  • High SPL capability, max level is 140dB plus above 200Hz
  • High output to work with Lower Gain Preamp or digital recording technology
  • Low Self Noise
  • Consistent polar response
  • Operable in high humidity environments
  • The sound of the original RCA44 but better
  • Smooth response top to bottom, silky and full sounding
  • Wonderful for guitars, horns, vocals and drum kits
  • Bi-Directional Ribbon Microphone
  • Classic sound and appearance.
  • Precision crafted and hand assembled
  • 3m XLR cable, Shock/stand mount and case included
  • Handmade in California, United States

The AEA R44CX is a high-output version of the flagship R44 series of microphones with 6dB more output than the original RCA R44B and R44B.

The AEA R44CX delivers the authentic sound of the legendary RCA 44 and features the same 1.8-micron ribbon element originally made by RCA in the 1930’s. High-grade parts are used throughout and are interchangeable with the original RCA 44B or BX. The standard Black and Chrome “radio” finish gives a stunning look to this truly classy microphone. It comes packaged with a three-metre Accusound Silver Studio Pro cable which is covered in cloth, a zippered canvas bag and an AEA VC vertical case for secure storing and transport.

Hand assembled and precision-crafted, the AEA R44CX has been tweaked to provide enough dynamic range to work with modern digital recordings media or to be used with lower gain mic preamps. A truly modern classic this ribbon microphone fuses the technology of the past updated to suit modern recordings to deliver an absolutely stunning sound.

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