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High-quality, Active hand-built bi-directional all-purpose ribbon microphone inspired by the legendary R84

The AEA R84A is an active ribbon microphone using AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry design found on the R84 and JFET amplifier circuit.

The AEA R84A features the same 1.8 micron aluminium ribbon element tuned to 16.5Hz as in the R84 but uses a transformerless amplifier circuit design conceived by Fred Forsell and requires phantom power. The ribbon is centred in a magnetic gap but is designed to produce slight different tonalities from the front and the rear of the microphones offering a choice of two colours. The rear side can also be used to handle plosives better.

Its JFET impedance buffer circuitry allows the R84A to be used with lower preamp impedance without affecting the sound while the high output sensitivity reduces noise considerably and permits long cable run. You can therefore use any valve mic pre or any mic pre of your choice adding further colouration to your chain.

The A840 is ideal for digital recording setups, offering a smoother, more natural sound than condenser microphones helping you to capture a smooth, and easy to EQ sound. Designed for vocals and accent work, the A840 has a smaller proximity effect and improved 10 to 20kHz frequency-response than the A440.

AEA R84A Main Features:
• Powered version of the R84
• Large-diaphragm ribbon microphone
• Higher output than R84 for versatility
• Compatible with any preamp and input impedance
• Low self noise of 17.5 dB
• Fast, accurate transient reproduction
• High SPL capability of 141dB
• Well-controlled, native figure-8 polar pattern
• Wide-band response from below 20Hz to above 20kHz

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