AEA R88 mk2

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The AEA R88 MKII is a hand-built stereo ribbon microphone derived from the classic RCA type 44 design.

With precise stereo imaging the AEA R88 MKII is capable of delivering excellent stereo response, whether you use it in 'crossed-pair' mode or in a 'sum-and-difference' pair. As the capsules are arrayed in a fixed 90 degree relationship, this can be achieved on the AEA R88 MKII by just re-positioning the pick-up plane - it really is that simple.

By being able to withstand high sound pressure levels the R88 MKII is well suited to recording ensembles in stereo, taking advantage of the excellent imaging and frequency response which doesn't over-emphasise the top end that condensers would otherwise record. Audio Engineering Associates have long championed the superlative sound quality of ribbon microphones and by producing the superb AEA R88 MKII have ensured that you can have all those same classic microphone characteristics in your studio - but in stereo, too.

AEA R88 MKII Stereo Ribbon Microphone Overview:

  • Hand-built stereo ribbon microphone
  • Crossed Figure-8 Blumlein configuration (90°) 
  • Ribbon Type - Aluminium, 1.8 microns Thick, 4.7mm x 59.7mm 
  • Frequency Response 
  • 20Hz-15kHz
  • Max SPL
  • 165dB SPL 
  • Output Impedance 
  • 270 ohms 
  • Connector 
  • 5-Pin XLR 
  • Weight 
  • 3 lbs.
  • Included Accessories • 13.1 ft. XLR Breakout cable, Case

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