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Passive hand-built figure-of-8 ribbon microphone with reduced proximity-effect and improved wind-noise resistance

At a glance

  • Large Ribbon Geometry transducer
  • Solid bass and smooth treble response
  • Fast, accurate transient reproduction
  • Low self-noise and high SPL capability
  • Excellent off-axis frequency response
  • Wide-band response from 20Hz to 20 KHz
  • Distinct character of front and rear lobes

The AEA R92 is a bi-directional ribbon microphone optimised for flat-response working in close-miking situations.

By reducing the proximity effect on the AEA R92, Audio Engineering Associates have used their experience in Large Ribbon Geometry to create an excellent microphone for close-up work, whether for recording vocals or speaker cabinets. Not only is the R92 capable of withstanding higher wind-noise too, AEA have also designed both microphone faces to give subtly different sounds - the front face gives you a brighter sound and the rear is more suited to delivering a classic ribbon sound, with greater top end roll-off.

Widely adaptable for all sorts of recording situations, the striking AEA R92 brings you a flexible up-to-date take on a highly desirable long-gone classic. Thanks to Wes Dooley, AEA has created this vital addition to your recording armoury to enable you to bring out the best in your close-up recordings.

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