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Single channel ribbon microphone preamp module for 500 Series

The AEA RPQ500 is a single-channel 500 Series version of the Wes Dooley's RPQ dual channel ribbon mic preamp.

The RPQ500 by AEA boasts the same amplifier as the RPQ preamp providing 81dB of gain, and CurveShaper EQ circuit which uses a combination of high pass filtering and high frequencies boost.

At the heart of the of the RPQ 500 preamp lies a JFET amplifier with impressive specs such as a noise floor below -130dBu and a frequency response from 3Hz all the way up to 100kHz! A unique "No Load" 10kΩ input impedance is employed ensuring true transparency with ribbon and dynamic microphones with no change in tonal character.

Ideally designed for Ribbon microphone, the RPQ 500 works splendidly with condenser microphones and features a 48V phantom power switch. This 500 Series mic pre also works at line level by simple press of a button and can be used on other sources or at the mixing stage.

The single-slot 500 Series mic preamp features carefully chosen controls that complement perfectly ribbon microphones. In addition to the gain control, the AEA RPQ 500 features a level knob, and low and high frequency contour section with a continuously variable LF high pass filter to counteract the proximity effect inherent to most ribbon microphones, and a high frequency curve shaper with frequency and gain controls, to add more air to the high end. Invaluable for Ribbon microphones, these controls are also extremely useful with condenser microphones.

AEA RPQ500 Ribbon Mic Preamp for 500 Series Overview:

  • 81 dB of quiet JFET gain
  • High impedance "No Load" inputs won't load mics and change their sound
  • "CurveShaper" EQ for extended highs and articulate lows
  • Line level input mode for using the EQ during mixdown
  • Output level control

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