AEA SMS Bar for Coles 4038 & AEA Nuvo mics

Positioning bar for stereo microphone

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Stereo bar that can be configured to work with any microphone on the market.

At a glance

  • 2x TA-2 adapters (F 3/8-16 to M 5/8-27)
  • 2x Locking rings
  • 4x 3/8-16 socket cap screws
  • 1x Posi-Lok adjustable angle adapter
  • 1x “Stereo Microphone Perspectives” tutorial

The AEA SMS is a stereo bar designed to work with the Coles 4038 microphones or AEA own Nuvo N8 and N22. When used in conjunction with the N22 and N8, the SMS bar allows you to configure your microphones in ORTF (90-degree side-by-side mounting), near-coincidence spacings, and Blumlein.

The AEA SMS NUVO Option includes the NUVO Blumlein Coupler, enabling you to establish your N8s and N22s in Blumlein Configuration.

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