AJH Synth Minimod CV Mix-Offset VCA

Eurorack CV Mix-Offset VCA Module

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a four channel mixer designed to handle both audio and CV signals

The AJH Synth Minimod CV Mix-Offset-VCA is a four channel mixer designed to handle both audio and CV signals, it can also function as a voltage source and an offset generator.

Leading on from his range of clever utilities Allan Hall has developed quite a handy modulation and mixing tool for your modular system.

At its core, the module functions as a four channel signal mixer and DC coupled VCA with some clever functional enhancements. For example;

With no patching preset at input 1 it becomes a -/+ 6v generator

Input 4 can be switched and thus becomes another offset generator or a second CV input for the VCA

Input 3 also has three times the gain of the rest of the inputs, so it can be used to amplify really low level DC signals

An excellent modular toolie for mixing, CV generation and amplification duties.

The main features of the AJH Synth CV Mix Offset VCA include

4 Channel mixer with DC coupled IO

Bi-polar inputs and controls

10HP wide

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