AJH Synth MiniMod V-Scale Variable Buffer Module

Eurorack Variable Buffer

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an active 5 way splitter multiples module

The AJH Synth MiniMod Variable Buffer is an active 5 way splitter multiples module with precision attenuators for each channel.

Providing what other buffered multiples do not, the AJH Synth Variable Buffer provides 5 simultaneous outputs each with a precision trimmer that scales the outgoing CV by + or – 5%.

Meaning that your oscillator arrays and filters that aren’t quite tracking as they should can be adjusted from one place, rather than adjusting the modules independently.

Obviously a must for anyone who is using multiple VCO’s where precision tuning is critical.

The main features of the AJH Synth Minimod V-Scale Buffer include

1-5 splitter module

Each channel has a variable -/+ voltage trimmer

4HP wide

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