AJH Synth MiniMod VCA Eurorack Amplifier, Vintage Black

Eurorack Amplifier, Vintage Black

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a Cascaded VCA Module that replicates the circuitry found in a vintage Moog Model D.

At a glance

  • Vintage black faceplate
  • Authentic Moog Model D Circuitry
  • Full CV control for both audio inputs
  • Overdrive and saturation possible
  • 10Hp Wide
  • Power requirements: 40mA Positive, 22mA Negative

The AJH Synth Minimod VCA is a Cascaded VCA Module replicating the circuitry in a vintage Moog Model D. 

With two transistor voltage-controlled amplifiers hardwired in series and careful component choice, the Minimod VCA is designed to sound just like a vintage Model D.

With two audio inputs, a single output and a master output overdrive by feeding back the audio signal into VCA1 is possible. This creates anything from a subtle saturated sound to brash overdriven tones. 

Even down to the voltage and signal levels, ever aspect of the Minimod range is designed with authenticity in mind.

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