AJH Synth MiniMod VCO Eurorack Oscillator

Eurorack Oscillator, Vintage Black

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is a faithful replication of the Moog 24dB Low Pass Filter circuit in Eurorack format.

The AJH Synth MiniMod VCO is and transistor core oscillator module, derived from the earliest Moog Model D circuitry.

The core of this eurorack VCO is an identical replica of the early Bob Moog Model D oscillators. The waveforms and tone are exactly the same as the original vintage synthesizer.

Minimod VCO includes unique features and capabilities that the original Model D wasn't able to achieve. The additions include exponential and linear mod inputs plus two different styles of oscillator sync.

Like the other modules in the MiniMod range, extreme care has been taken to ensure authenticity right down to the finest detail.

The main features of the AJH Synth MiniMOd VCO include

Authentic Moog Model D VCO circuitry

Transistor core based

Multi wave outputs, PWM, two types of sync and mod inputs

14HP wide

Requires 55mA at +12V or 40mA at -12V


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