AJH Synth Ring SM Eurorack Ring Mod

Eurorack Ring Mod, Mixer and Sub

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a versatile multi faceted module that provides three functions in one.

The AJH Synth Ring SM is a versatile multi faceted module that provides three functions in one.

A vintage design build completely around a transistor core. Ring SM is capable of functioning as a ring mod, sub harmonic and harmonic generator and also a handy 5 channel mixer.

The ring mod section is based around X,Y and a third resonant Z modulator input, it also features a frequency doubling circuit which creates either sine or triangle waves at +1 octave above the incoming signals.

Theres also two onboard sub octave generators, which create either one octave or two octaves below the signal present at the X input. Each section produces specially shaped waveforms, which are very useable even into high frequency audio rates.

And as mentioned before there's also a 5 input DC coupled mixer onboard which can be used for audio an CV mixing duties. Input 5 is notably hotter than the other inputs and clips far easier, thus is can be used for wave clipping.

A superb tool for any modular system, providing three vital functions in one rock solid, tank of a module. The AJH Ring SM is a superb addition to any modular signal chain.

The main features of the AJH Synth Ring SM include

Multi Mode eurorack module

Functions as a sub octave generator, ring mod and mixer

Handbuilt in the UK

14 HP wide

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