Bass and Kick Drum Microphone

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Reissue of the Now Legendary D12 Offering the Exact Same Performance Sound Quality and Style.

At a glance

  • Vintage reissue of AKG D12 broadcast microphone from the 1950s
  • Four different sound shapes - Natural Dynamic (without Phantom Power), Open Kick
  • Drum, Closed Kick Drum and Vintage Sound (with Phantom Power)
  • Ultra thin diaphragm
  • Optimized bass chamber
  • Original C414 model transformer
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Made in Austria

The AKG D12 VR Bass and Kick Drum Microphone is a vintage reissue of the original D12 microphone, released more than sixty years ago.

The AKG D12 VR takes the legendary design of the original D12 and adds four different sound shapes in a rugged chassis ideal for recording a bass drum.

The D12VR can operate both with or without Phantom Power. Without, the D12 acts as a dynamic microphone and produces an accurate character from the sound source, but with Phantom Power, the D12 can make use of one of three switchable active filters presets (Open Kick Drum, Closed Kick Drum and Vintage Sound), which can be chosen to best provide the desired bass drum sound.

The AKG D12-VR is manufactured in Austria using the original transformers from the 1970s-era AKG C414 model.

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