Amphion One25A (Pair)

Active Studio Monitors

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£11,000.00 ex VAT
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At a glance

  • Operating principle – Active, 3-way, sealed cabinet
  • Tweeter – 25 mm / 1” titanium
  • Mid – 15 cm / 5¼” aluminium
  • Bass – 25 cm / 10” aluminium
  • Crossover points – 100 Hz / 2000 Hz
  • Amplifier power – Bass 700 W
  • Tweeter / Midrange 2 x 205 W THD + N 0,002%
  • Frequency response 22 – 22 000 Hz (-3dB)
  • Max SPL – 112 dB
  • Connections – Balanced XLR Input, 1x Female XLR, pin 2-hot
  • Mains – 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz (Auto select)
  • Measurements (H x W x D) – 316 x 510 x 487 mm
  • Weight – 41 kg / 91 lb

The Amphion One25A is a full-range, 3-way active studio monitor engineered explicitly for modern sound-making environments. It is an excellent choice for recording studios, commercial studios, educational facilities, post-production, classical recording, and screen music compositions that require true full-range reproduction.

The Amphion One25A's innovative sealed dual cabinet design with isolated bass and midrange chambers reduces acoustic cross-coupling, providing superior resolution and clarity. The acoustically symmetrical baffle around the midrange chamber offers a smooth frequency curve and precise imaging. At the same time, Amphion's unique U/D/D technology in its 5th version increases driver integration and speaker performance. In addition, the hexagonal bass cabinet design improves resonance and energy transmission, producing a rich, powerful, and accurate bass tone.

The One25A has a simple crossover architecture for maximum signal integrity and sound clarity. The matching amplifiers provide good headroom and full-range power, making them suited for various applications such as music composition, film and television scoring, and audio post-production. The electrical components are on the outside of the speaker enclosure. As a result, they are adequately separated from it, increasing performance and assuring long life and ease of serviceability.

The One25A, like Amphion's passive monitor designs, has a clean, short signal channel that enhances dynamics, resolution, and emotional transmission. In addition, its mastering-grade resolution is now accessible in an active 3-way monitor, adding value to Amphion's existing monitor lines.

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