Analogue Solutions Fusebox X Synthesizer

Semi modular analogue synthesizer

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a three oscillator semi-modular analogue synthesizer, built using Analogue Solutions decades of knowledge and know-how, to create a very powerful and flexible system., a three oscillator semi-modular analogue synthesizer, built using Analogue Solutions decades of knowledge and know how, to create a very powerful and flexible system.

At a glance

  • Signature 12dB multi-mode analogue filter
  • Three oscillator analogue synthesizer
  • Built lovingly by hand in the UK
  • Built in MIDI to CV converter
  • Internal generator for making quick pitch changes
  • Built-in sequencer called Patternator
  • 440Hz tuner tone
  • Interval Generator clock input - allows automatic transposition in a variety of ways
  • Bar1 / Note0 trigger outputs - versatile alternative ways to trigger the Patternator and Interval Generator

The Analogue Solutions Fusebox X is a three oscillator, semi-modular analogue synthesizer, produced by British synthesis pioneer Tom Carpenter.

Following in their rich 24 year heritage on building iconic music making machines such as the Polymath, Vostok, Telemark and Leipzig, the Fusebox brings many of the ideas and quality circuitry from those iconic machines, into one forward thinking subtractive monster.

The Analogue Fusebox X is based around a classic three oscillator setup, each with three different waveforms fed into a two pole 12dB multi-mode filter one of the key elements to the signature AS sound. The Fusebox X also offers a 3-note polyphony mode. With Fusebox there's an incredible amount of modulation onboard, the synth is internal wired (or normalled) but many of these internal wirings can be broken with patch cables.

This patching experience makes the Fusebox X as flexible as a full modular system, without the tonne of cables. It's fully Eurorack compatible. In terms of onboard modulation options, there's a very flexible LFO, with four different waveforms, a fade in control which can be patched out to four different destinations whilst also being hardwired to the filter cut off and the PWM of the three VCO's.

There's also two assignable ADSR envelopes with two outputs per envelope, freely assignable via patching to any of the patch inputs internally or patchable to external sources too.

The interval generator is very very powerful and is used to generate pitch changes for the whole synth, by pressing a single button. Meaning you can shift a certain VCO or a group of VCO's by a fifth (for example) without having top go through the rigmarole of tuning it each time, very handy for on the fly changes or live performance.

And as if that wasn't enough, there's also a Patternator a powerful pattern generator...AND a built-in mini step sequencer. The Patternator is halfway between a arp and a sequencer, great for making short melodic changes or rhythmic passages. To easily tune the oscillators, a 440Hz tuner tone is provided.

Fusebox is an absolute beast of a synth, handcrafted with delivers the HUGE, fat AS tone by the bucketload.

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