Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

Semi Modular Analogue Synthesizer

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Semi modular analogue synthesizer that crams in a staggering array of modulation, true stereo filtering, digital FX and more.

The Analogue Solutions Impulse Command is the latest in a line-up of innovative and charming synthesizer releases from Tom Carpenter, with some design queues from Generator, Treadstone and FuseBox.

Impulse Command is a two (plus a sub) oscillator synthesizer with two filters that are implemented in a stereo configuration, it also packs in two 16 step sequencers, digital effects and a tonne of modulation and patch options.

In true AS style, this synth delivery huge classy analogue tones with tonne of character and tonal flexibility.

The main features of the Analogue Solutions Impact Command include

  • Semi modular analogue synthesizer
  • Stereo filter
  • Dual 16 step sequencers
  • Classic, raw analogue tone
  • Digital effects
  • Modular connectivity

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