Antelope Audio Satori and R4S Remote Control

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Mastering-grade monitoring controller and 8 channel summing box with USB Remote Control

The Antelope Audio Satori is a high-end monitoring controller and summing box for mastering and mixing studios.

The Antelope Audio Satori is one of the most advanced monitoring controllers in its class featuring Antelope’s relay-controlled stepped attenuator, a wide range of connectivity and a raft of stereo options such as Mid/Side monitoring. Its mastering-grade signal path, pristine analogue circuitry and highly optimised PCB layout ensure the most transparent sound possible.

The Antelope Satori offers mastering-grade sound quality while remaining affordable. The Stepped relay attenuator uses an advanced design with quiet platinum relays and low-noise resistors, ensuring fast, responsive level control without affecting its superior sonic performance. What’s more the relay offers a stereo accuracy of 0.05dB and stable L/R balance even at low volume. The Satori is designed to preserve the audio signal integrity as well as revealing all the subtle nuances of your sound.

Four independent headphone outputs are included offering every members their own feed with independent volume control. All headphone outputs all use the same audiophile-grade drivers as high-end home audio converters and is capable to drive both low and high impedance headphones.

In addition to being a superb outstanding monitoring controller, Satori includes a full 8-channel summing mixer offering a great way to blend instruments in the analogue domain, maintaining punch, headroom and excellent dynamics.  Satori provides a generous amount of connectivity including XLR, ¼” TRS and D-Sub 25 and a sub output.

Satori uses similar advanced analogue circuit designs found in their flagship line to deliver clear sonic performance controlled by a software control panel offering fast and responsive source and monitor switching, accurate volume control, mute, mono dim and Mid and Side monitoring. A stereo Peak meter is included in the software to offer instant signal feedback.

Antelope Audio Satori Monitoring Controller Overview:
• A complete palette of inputs and outputs
• Precise stepped relay volume control
• Four independent headphone outputs with dedicated volume controls
• Analogue Summing allowing easy mixing
• Extremely flexible routing
• Analogue sound with digital control
• A user friendly desktop application available for both Windows and OS X

The Antelope Audio R4S is a USB remote control specifically designed for the Satori monitoring and summing system.

The Antelope Audio R4S connects to the Satori via USB and offers control over input sources, monitoring select, talkback, mono, MS monitoring, dim, and subwoofer channel activation. The main LED level knob lets set your monitoring level for each source with ultimate precision and is easily recallable.

Antelope Audio R4S Main Features:

  • Remote control for Antelope Audio Satori
  • Connects to Satori via USB
  • Monitor volume
  • Input select
  • Monitor select
  • Mono and mid-side modes
  • Monitor dim
  • Subwoofer channel on/off
  • Talkback mic
  • Aluminum volume knob with surrounding LED readout

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