Antelope Audio Zen Go

USB-C Interface

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Portable, bus-powered 4inx8out USB-C audio interface with class-leading AD/DA conversion, console-grade preamps and 64-bit AFC Technology.

At a glance

  • USB-C to USB-C cable included.
  • Includes 37 Synergy Core effects based on sought after vintage outboard equipment. 
  • DSP and FPGA chips ensure effects processing without noticeable latency. 
  • Customise your own presets. 
  • Easy I/O routing via preset settings - record and playback instantly. 
  • Bus-powered via USB (no power source required).
  • 64-bit AFC clocking tech combined with a jitter management system ensures more detail and sonic separation in your recordings. 
  • Mix, playback and record up to 24-bit/192kHz. 
  • Superior AD/DA conversion (boasting up to 127dB of headroom).
  • Monitor directly via the interface itself to minimise potential delay. 
  • Dedicated signal metering for output and input levels. 

Furthermore, the Zen Go includes two ultra-linear mic preamp using console-grade transistor topology, giving recordings the highest fidelity and resolution without sacrificing warmth and musicality.

A Truly Portable Studio

Using the latest USB-C technology, the Zen go can be used anywhere to provide high-resolution recording and playback. Its Bus-powered design ensures that you can work from anywhere, anytime powering the interface with your computer. Core functionalities are also available when powered directly from any USB-C charger with no PC connected.

Production Powerhouse

Complementing the Zen Go’s high-quality hardware and conversion, 37 analogue-modelled processors providing outstanding, rich productions full of character. Including exclusive compressors, EQ and preamps that will shape your sound on the way in, the Zen Go gives you everything a producer needs to get the desired sound. 

The USB interface also provides 22 guitar amp and cab models and a guitar tuner allowing any guitarist to plug-in their guitar directly in the interface and get the ideal tone all available with zero-latency.

The Synergy Core effects processing bundle lets you stack up recording chains with as many effects instances while monitoring in real-time without overload the DSP. Additional processings can be purchased separately providing access to a wide range of colours, tones including some true rarities.

Zero Latency Monitoring

The Zen Go lets you monitor the incoming audio directly from the interface, offering ultra-low latency recording and playback. The extensive onboard routing options let you set up near-zero latency mixes for musicians and add Synergy Core effects to get the ultimate tone and performance even before recording in your DAW. A Software Control Panel provides all the necessary routing options. The OLED display on the front panel also provides clear input and output levels.

Smart Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the Antelope Zen Go includes two combo XLR inputs which provide a choice among the Antelope's discrete mic preamps, line inputs or Hi-Z inputs. 

It also includes two pair of outputs over TRS jacks and RCA. the outputs are mirrored allowing you to send the same signal to two different outputs such as main monitors and DJ mixer or any system using RCA connectors. At the front are two headphones amps.

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