Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core

Thunderbolt and USB audio interface

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Portable Thunderbolt and USB audio interface with 4 Mic/Line and 4 Hi-Z/Line inputs, 8 analogue out with two reamp outputs. Includes FGPA DSP for lowest latency performance.

At a glance

  • Portable Thunderbolt and USB Audio Interface
  • 4 Mic/Line inputs
  • 4 Hi-Z/Line inputs
  • 8 Analogue outputs
  • Two pair of stereo monitor outputs
  • Digital I/O over ADAT and S/PDIF
  • FGPA Technology ensures extremely low latency
  • DSP plug-in emulation includes Guitar and Cabs simulation, Pultec Emulation and AuraVerb plug-ins
  • Network –ready Mac OSX and Windows Advanced Remote App

The Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core is a portable Thunderbolt and USB audio interface designed for professionals needing to record a small band away from the studio. 

The Antelope Audio Zen Tour features four switchable Mic/Line inputs and four Hi-Z/Line inputs. The Zen Tour also includes 8 analogue outputs, including two reamp outputs, digital I/O on ADAT and S/PDIF, two headphone outputs and two separate pairs of monitor outs.  A talkback function is also accessible via a button on the front panel. 

The Zen Tour features Antelope’s Field-Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) found in other Antelope interfaces providing a huge amount of parallel processing capabilities and extremely low latency. Combined with Antelope’s custom USB ensures lightning-fast performance and compatibility with any DAW. It also provides a rock-solid platform with superb DSP plug-ins, such as Antelope's latest guitar amp and cab simulations, Pultec EQ emulation and the superb AuraVerb.  

An OSX and Windows-compatible software control gives you all the controls necessary at your fingertips thanks to Antelope&rsquo's innovative concept for networking, allowing you to manage all Zen Tour features from multiple computers on the same network.

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