Antonus 2600 Original Size (Grey Face)

Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

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1:1 recreation of the legendary ARP 2600 handbuilt in Spain by Antonus using the same submodule architecture design.

At a glance

  • Original Size replica of the classic ARP 2600
  • Even more faithful detailed cabinet, with original cuts and metal hardware.
  • Grey face panel
  • VCF 4012 (transistor ladder) filter version, the classic 70’s sound
  • 4027-1 VCO’s
  • Long spring reverb version, like early units. Adjusted circuit for keeping the classic analogue static noise as down as possible.
  • New knobs are shaped like the original square 2600 knobs but add a special feature for allowing led lights.
  • The led light is adjustable using a front panel trimmer. Users can disable the light and use the knobs like on the original.
  • Uses Thru-hole components, human scale electronic, following the names and numbers of the same circuits. This unit can be serviceable/modifiable in the future with traditional tools and skills, and the schematics are compatible with ARP 2600 and Antonus 2600 OS.
  • Balanced output circuit with Jack 6,3mm and XLR connectors.
  • MIDI-CV duophonic interface is the only SMT small board present at the instrument. (for managing MIDI digital data and converting to analogue CV + GATE signals)
  • Uses a traditional linear regulator power supply with proper ground design and proper cable routes to ensure the original behaviour of balance between stability and living-movement feeling of the VCO’s and many other parts, like the original units.
  • All Thru-hole IC components use hi-grade turned sockets, the best type. For reliable use during the years and easy diagnosis/mod/repair in the future.
  • Uses submodule building techniques like the original, with matched components and thermal coupling. 

The Antonus 2600 Original Size Edition is a 1:1 recreation of the legendary ARP 2600 handbuilt in Spain by Antonus using the same submodule architecture design.

The Antonus 2600 Original Size Edition results from countless years of experience repairing the original ARP 2600 and meticulous reproductions of the original circuits and submodules, allowing compatibility between the Antonus 2600 OS and classic ARP 2600. Using through-hole components and designs, each part has been carefully selected to provide the correct sound and behaviour to recreate the classic sound. It also provides an easy way to service or mod the instrument if required.

The 2600 OS also includes modern appointments to bring this classic design to the modern age. like the original Antonus 2600 it includes a MIDI and CV/Gate section on the side and two balanced inputs over combi Jack/XLR connections.

The 2600 OS comes with the Grey face panel and the 4012 transistor ladder filter design. it also includes a long spring reverb with an adjusted circuit to reduce static noises.

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