Antonus Sidecar

124HP Eurorack Case add-on for the Antonus 2600

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Eurorack cabinet expansion for Antonus 2600

The Antonus Sidecar is a 124HP Eurorack Case that's a superb addition to the Antonus 2600 ecosystem, providing you with ample space and power to house up to 16 modules.

Sidecar follows the aesthetical design of the Antonus 2600, with a Tolex wrap and the same high quality finish. The case has been very carefully designed to fit onto the Antonus 2600, there's even a version called the SidecARP which has been designed to fit the original ARP 2600's.

So if you're looking to add another oscillator, filter or a host of complex modulation to the 2600's architecture, there's no better way than adding a sidecar to the mix with a selection of your favorite euro modules.

Eurorack modules pictured are not included, AC PSU module included.

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