API 312

500 Series Mic Preamp

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500 series adaptation of API’s famous mic preamp based on Saul Walker’s original designs and including API’s 2520 op-amp and AP2516 transformer.

At a glance

  • API Classic 312 Microphone Preamp is 500 Series module
  • Vintage Style Analog VU Meter
  • Maximum 69dB of gain
  • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design with 2520 Op-Amp
  • Proprietary AP2516 Input Transformer
  • 20 dB pad switch
  • 3:1 Output Transformer Tap Selection
  • Switchable 48V phantom power
  • Peak LED
  • API’s Five Year Warranty

The API 312 Mic Pre is a 500 series adaptation of API's famous mic preamp based on Saul Walker's original designs and includes API's 2520 op-amp and AP2516 transformer.

The API 312 Mic pre offers the unmistakable punch and brightness associated with the API sound with massive headroom and analogue warmth. It provides up to 69dB and can withstand high SPL, making it the preamp of choice for drummers and other loud sources.

The 312 mic pre-controls are simple, comprising a gain knob and four switches. These switches include the usual Polarity reversal and 48V phantom power, and a -20dB Pad.

The 3:1 switch is designed to drop the overall level and allow you to push the input and get more of the transformer's flavour into the sound before clipping.

A large vintage-style analogue VU metre also provides clear visual indications of level.

API 2520

At the heart of the 312 module lies API's legendary 2520 Op-amps, found in every analogue equipment API makes. A low noise, low distortion, high gain and wideband, this opamp uses a direct-coupled amplifier with a differential input.

The 2520's characteristics play a huge role in API's sound as these characteristics offer uniquely fast responses capable of accommodating sharp transients unaltered.

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