API 565 Filter Module

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Surgically precise wide-ranging 3-band filter for 500-series

The API 565 is a surgically precise 500-series filter module allowing you to clean up your sound.

The API 565 has both Hi-pass and Low-pass filter with selectable slopes and a third mid band notch with Q control giving you a wide range of options to tweak the sound to perfection. The Low Pass filter ranges from 500Hz to 20kHz with selectable -12dB or -18dB slopes, while the High-Pass covers frequencies between 20Hz and 600Hz with a choice of -6dB and -12dB slopes.

API 565 Filter Module Overview:

  • 500-series Filter with surgical precision 
  • Quality gear from API
  •  A tool designed for filtration with surgical precision
  • Classic API analog sound
  • Highpass and lowpass, with slope controls
  • Midrange notch with Q control

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