API The Channel Strip

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1U rack-mounted standalone channel strip with the 512c mic preamp, 550A EQ, 527 compression and the 325 Line Driver.

The API The Channel Strip is a 1U standalone channel strip module with microphone preamp, EQ, compressor and line amp.

 Fully equipped, the API The Channel Strip gives you the beauty and sound that made API a legendary company, surviving over forty years of rock'n'roll. Combining the legendary API 512c preamp with the beloved 550A EQ and 527 compressor in The Channel Strip puts you right at the heart of the API sound in one single leap. Sonically as superb and characterful as ever, The Channel Strip incorporates the patented API THRUST circuitry to give the compressor added punch and power -  to really keep your instrument right at the top of the mix where it can't be ignored.

 Inputs are switchable on The Channel Strip between Line and Microphone with Phantom power and Pad switches. The dynamics processor is simple to operate, well-featured and selectable between Soft and Hard Knee operation. Of course, the 550A EQ has become synonymous with the legendary API sound, in a switchable 3-band EQ section, with a selectable band-pass filter.

 Comprehensive inserts on the back panel of the unit allow great flexibility, with multiple break-out points - a very handy feature for combining additional favourite outboard with The Channel Strip.

Well thought-out, solidly-built, with a sound that has become part of the sonic landscape, the The Channel Strip from API passes that tradition on to you. In the beginning there was API - and they're still around.

 API The Channel Strip Overview:

  • API 512c Mic Preamplifier
  • API 550A Equalizer
  • API 527 Compressor
  • API 325 Line Driver
  • Complete patching facilities on rear panel
  • Two ten segment LED VU displays
  • Output clips at +30dBm

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