API TCS-II Channel Strip

Channel Strip

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The API Audio TCS-II is a formidable channel strip that encapsulates the essence of API's renowned audio technology into a single, compact module. It boasts an array of top-tier features including the versatile 512c Mic Preamplifier, the dynamic 527A multi-mode Compressor with its unique THRUST® circuit, and the iconic 550A three-band Equalizer, renowned for its sonic flexibility. Additionally, the TCS-II offers precision output control through the 325 Line Driver, complete with a detailed 10-segment meter for accurate level monitoring. Designed for flexibility, it allows individual bypassing or engagement of processing components and includes the revered API 2520/transformer combination. This makes the TCS-II an all-encompassing, high-performance solution for professionals seeking the legendary API console sound in a compact and efficient format.

At a glance

  • 512c Mic Preamplifier with additional Mic, Line, or Instrument input options.
  • 527A Multi-mode Compressor with precision-engineered controls for Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio, plus the unique THRUST® circuit.
  • 550A Three-band Equalizer offering switchable frequencies, up to 12dB of boost or cut, and shelving EQ options for High and Low frequency bands.
  • 'B.P. Filter' Switch introducing a 50Hz to 15KHz bandpass filter for extended sound shaping.
  • 325 Line Driver from API console designs, featuring an output level potentiometer and a 10-segment meter for precise level monitoring.
  • Individual bypassing or engagement of processing components for customizable signal flow.
  • API 2520/Transformer Combination for enhanced audio quality.
  • Extensive signal metering, multiple balanced insertion points, and an output mute switch for comprehensive control and functionality.

The API Audio TCS-II stands as a formidable channel strip, amalgamating the finest elements of API technology into a singular, versatile module. This complete input module effortlessly merges a microphone preamplifier, dynamic processors, precision equalisation, and meticulous output level control. With its advanced signal metering, numerous balanced insertion points, and a convenient output mute switch, the TCS-II epitomises the core functionalities of a comprehensive console input channel within a sleek, one-rack unit design. It represents the ideal solution for those pursuing the iconic high-performance sound that API consoles are renowned for.

Superior Engineering: The Heart of API Audio TCS-II

Embodying the essence of innovative engineering, the TCS-II serves as an all-encompassing device for audio signal recording. At its core lies the esteemed 512c Mic Preamplifier, which is renowned for its adaptability and superior sound quality, offering additional Mic, Line, or Instrument input options. This is complemented by the 527A multi-mode Compressor, featuring precision-engineered controls for Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio, allowing for nuanced dynamic control.

The 527A's signature THRUST® circuit injects a palpable 'in-your-face' presence into your tracks, a hallmark of its award-winning design. Furthermore, the TCS-II proudly incorporates the 550A three-band Equalizer, arguably the most revered API EQ. With its switchable frequencies and up to 12dB of boost or cut, the 550A's High and Low-frequency bands can be individually adjusted to shelving EQs. The 'B.P. Filter' switch introduces a dynamic 50Hz to 15KHz bandpass filter, broadening the unit's sound-shaping prowess.

Precision Output: The Defining Touch of API Audio TCS-II

Concluding the signal chain, the TCS-II features the 325 Line Driver, directly derived from API's renowned console designs. It includes an output level potentiometer and a 10-segment meter for accurate level monitoring. This meter can be switched to display the output level of the preamp, assuring optimal signal integrity. The TCS-II provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing each of its processing components to be independently activated or bypassed. An internal flip switch facilitates the routing of the compressor after the EQ, if desired, offering customizable signal flow options. Additional features include a sidechain input and the iconic API 2520/transformer combination, solidifying the TCS-II's position as a superior audio recording technology bastion.

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