Apogee Symphony I/O mkII 16x16SE SoundGrid

AD/DA Converter and SoundGrid Interface

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Top-tier 16x16 AD/DA converter system, acclaimed for its superior sound quality and seamless integration with Waves SoundGrid technology for advanced DSP. It simplifies network integration, allowing easy collaboration across digital audio workstations and computers via ethernet. The system also enhances recording and mixing capabilities with near-zero latency plugin processing, thanks to its compatibility with Waves SoundGrid servers. Moreover, it's perfectly suited for live performances, offering studio-quality sound with the portability required for touring bands. It provides a comprehensive audio solution for varied settings like houses of worship and educational facilities, combining mixing, recording, and multi-room audio distribution in one versatile package.

At a glance

  • High-quality analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion.
  • Renowned for its pristine audio clarity and precision.
  • Offers advanced digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities.
  • Simplifies network integration for shared access across multiple systems.
  • Works seamlessly with various digital audio workstations.
  • Enables easy audio routing and collaboration between different computers and DAWs.
  • Enhanced by integration with Waves SoundGrid servers for near-zero latency plugin processing.
  • Delivers studio-quality sound in a portable format ideal for touring.
  • Ideal for music production, live settings, educational facilities, and houses of worship.
  • Combines front-of-house mixing, multitrack recording, and multi-room audio distribution.

The Apogee Symphony I/O MkII 16x16SE SoundGrid is at the forefront of audio engineering, presenting a 16x16 analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converter system tailored for the most exacting audio professionals. Renowned for its unparalleled sound quality, this system integrates effortlessly with Waves SoundGrid technology, offering a robust real-time digital signal processing (DSP) platform.

Effortless Network Integration and Collaboration

With a straightforward ethernet connection, the Symphony I/O MkII 16x16SE SoundGrid easily links to your computer network, facilitating shared access across multiple rooms and computers. It significantly enhances its functionality with the nearly limitless DSP power of Waves SoundGrid servers. Its seamless compatibility with all digital audio workstations (DAWs) opens up boundless possibilities for studio, live, and post-production workflows.

Envision working on a music project in Logic Pro X in one room whilst a colleague utilises Ableton Live in another. The Symphony I/O MkII 16x16SE facilitates easy audio routing between various DAWs and computers, centralising around this versatile converter system. Such connectivity fosters an environment conducive to simple collaboration, which is vital in contemporary music production.

Real-Time Recording and Mixing Empowerment

Integrating a Waves SoundGrid server, the Symphony I/O MkII 16x16SE metamorphoses your workstation into a formidable recording and mixing platform. This setup enables the use of plugins with near-zero latency during recording sessions. The SoundGrid server offloads plugin processing from your computer, ensuring fluid performance even under demanding tasks. Moreover, this capability extends beyond the studio, as the plugins also run natively on any computer, offering flexibility and portability in your creative endeavours.

Bridging Studio Quality to Live Performances

Combining the Symphony I/O MkII 16x16SE with the Waves eMotion LV1 digital software mixer provides a unique solution for translating studio-grade sound to live performances. This amalgamation combines Apogee's renowned AD/DA conversion quality with the power of Waves’ plugins, a staple in recording studios, into a compact, portable system ideal for touring bands and live venues.

The Waves eMotion LV1 mixer is designed for the demanding and fast-paced live sound environment. It allows for intuitive control over the Symphony I/O MkII's features, such as mic preamp gain and phantom power, directly from the mixer interface. This functionality equips sound engineers with the necessary dynamic and high-quality live sound management tools.

Comprehensive Audio Solutions for Diverse Settings

The Symphony I/O MkII 16x16SE SoundGrid offers an integrated audio solution for institutions like houses of worship, educational facilities, or multi-purpose venues. It combines front-of-house mixing, multitrack recording, and multi-room audio distribution in a single system. It is ideal for establishments seeking to deliver high-quality audio experiences in various applications.

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