Korg ARP 2600

Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer


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A one to one reissue of Alan R Pearlmans classic synthesizer, the 2600

The ARP 2600 Re-issue is the dream machine we've all been waiting to see from (Korg owned) ARP Instruments: a one to one recreation of Dennis Colin and Alan R Pearlmans 1971 classic semi-modular synthesizer, that has been emulated countless times and cited as one of the most iconic and sought after synthesizers ever to be created.

This new re-issue captures all of the sonic excellence, workflow and superior raw sound quality that the original 2600 was so well known and loved for: with three analogue oscillators, a 24dB low pass filter, ring modulator, spring reverb and a semi-modular interface that allows for exploration and deep sound design potential with or without cables.

ARP's 2600 has somewhat of an eventful history, it was originally in production from 1971 to 1980 and during this time it underwent several revisions, pertaining mainly to it's filter design which after a lawsuit with a certain Dr. Robert Moog was revised as to not infringe on copyrighted circuitry.

The 2600 reissue includes two revisions of the filter circuitry found throughout the 2600's tenure, each is available via switches on the front panel meaning whatever revision of 2600 takes your fancy, you can get that sound with ease.

Each limited edition system is hand-built and housed in an incredibly rugged tolex case, meaning you're getting the very best 2600 experience possible with all convinces of reliable modern components and manufacturing processes.

This is a landmark piece of synthesizer history that everyone should experience, Korg have employed great care and attention to bring this machine to fruition and have done so with the upmost care and respect to the original machines.

The main features of the ARP 2600 Re-issue include

  • Limited edition re-issue of the iconic 2600
  • Three oscillator monophonic synthesizer
  • All analogue circuitry
  • Semi modular interface, no patching required
  • Housed in a rugged tolex case
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