Arturia AudioFuse Studio

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The Arturia Audiofuse Studio is a USB audio interface with comprehensive connectivity and unique and powerful features focused on creative workflow.

The Arturia Audiofuse Studio has 18 inputs and 20 outputs, including eight analogue inputs and, six analogue outputs, four insert points. Digital I/O include eight channels via ADAT and two channels of S/PDIF. Furthermore, the Audiofuse studio has MIDI I/O via Mini Jacks and a 3-port USB Hub to add additional machines or dongles.

DiscretePro Mic preamps

The Audiofuse Studio includes four DiscretePRO mic preamps designed to offer vibrant and accurate sound with virtually no noise, even at the highest gain settings, delivering a wide dynamic range. With 119dB of dynamic range and less than -129dBu input noise, these mic pres will capture the sound of your instrument with no impurity, hiss or noise. The mic preamps can be controlled directly on the audio interface with direct control of phantom power, polarity switch and gain range. Each of the four inputs also includes an instrument level allowing you to directly connect your guitar, bass or vintage synthesizer. Two phono inputs are provided with an RIAA curve, letting you record now from your vinyl player.

Four insert points also let you connect up to four pieces of hardware before the conversion stage. These are available for inputs 1 to 4, allowing you to add your favourite compressor or EQ on the way in, saving a DA/AD conversion stage. Two Reamping outputs are also provided, allowing you to capture the clean sound of your guitar or bass and the sound of your amp, giving you additional flexibility to change the sound in your mix. Or send your drums or other instruments to external pedals and more.

Comprehensive Monitoring

This desktop audio interface also features a powerful monitoring section with multiple outputs and integrated A/B Switching capabilities and monitor options. Two headphone channels are included with both Jack and mini Jack sockets. Built-in Bluetooth streaming lets you play music from your phone directly to your speakers using the best AAC codec and aptX connections available.


AudioFuse Creative Suite

The Audiofuse Studio comes with the Audiofuse Creative suite, a range of plug-ins to expand your tone and creativity.

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