Arturia Drumbrute Impact

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The Arturia Drumbrute Impact is a compact analogue drum machine that comprises of 8 analogue voices that feature quick, instant hands on control over the tone and colour of the voices. It also has a superb sequencer with probability, scaling and much more.

Impact is a newly voiced drum machine from Arturia, whilst it does bear some cosmetic resemblance to the original Drumbrute the range of sounds it's able to create are completely different; it features an analogue overdrive and a a new feature called colour shaping, which provide a second type of tone of each of the analogue voices. The colour can be engaged per step, making for some interesting rhythmic possibilities.

The voices are Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Hi and Low Tom, Cymbal / Cowbell, Closed Hi Hat, Open Hi Hat and a brand new FM Drum voice, which further extends the broad sonic vocabulary this machine already has.

As you'd expect from anything bearing the "brute" namesake, the Drumbrute Impact can get super dirty, the drive circuit on the main output can be used to add subtle saturation and harmonics or it can be used with devastating effect to smash, and destroy your drum sounds.

Despite it's smaller form factor, Arturia have managed to fit in not only a fully featured drum sequencer with probability and poly-rhythmic playback, they've also made sure that there's a full suite of controls on hand for sound shaping and full size pads of real time live playing.

Drumbrute Impact is made to play live, with a full set of on hand controls, a powerful yet simple sequencer and a wealth of clocking options means it's easy to use and will play well with all your other gear.


The main features of the Arturia Drumbrute Impact include

  • 10 voice 8 channel analogue drum machine
  • Powerful step sequencer with probability and colour step locking
  • Analogue overdrive circuit
  • Swing per track
  • Lots of clocking options

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