Arturia Keystep Pro Chroma

MIDI and CV Keyboard Controller and Sequencer

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Multi-function controller boasting a seamless blend of performance-oriented workflow, extensive MIDI & CV connectivity, and unparalleled creative depth. Its user-friendly design allows users to command complex hardware setups, DAW setlists, and modular racks, prioritizing creativity at every step. The KeyStep Pro Chroma introduces a fresh, customizable aesthetic with a metallic, edgy twist and personalized track color options, adding an electrifying touch to any stage or studio setup. This compact keyboard represents the pinnacle of Arturia's Step range, offering a revolutionary approach to sequencing and arpeggiation, ushering in a new era of creative possibilities for users in both live and studio settings.

At a glance

  • Sleek dark casing: An alluring metallic grey all over gives KeyStep Pro an edgy, industrial look.
  • Vibrant blue LEDs: In perfect contrast to the metallic casing, bright blue LEDs illuminate your setup.
  • Customizable track colours: Color-coded on the original, users can now choose from a range of colours for their tracks.
  • Firmware update: Bug fixes, program change functionality (letting users change presets on the instruments they're controlling), and more (also available for KeyStep Pro users).

The Arturia KeyStep Pro Chroma offers a harmonious blend of performance-oriented workflow, extensive MIDI & CV connectivity, and unparalleled creative depth. Seamlessly command intricate hardware setups, entire DAW setlists, modular racks, and more—all while enjoying a user-friendly workflow designed to prioritize creativity.

Fresh, customizable aesthetic

KeyStep Pro Chroma adds a metallic, edgy twist to the original design for those seeking a sleek, futuristic, or distinctive aesthetic. Users can also personalize their experience by selecting custom track colours that seamlessly integrate with their setup and complement their workflow. This captivating new visual style will add an electrifying touch to any stage, home, or studio setup.

Evolved sequencing

Much like the Brute range revitalized analogue synthesis in 2012, Arturia's Step range introduced a fresh, enjoyable, tactile approach to sequencing synths and software. KeyStep Pro represents the pinnacle of this format, offering users an array of sequencing and arpeggiation tools within the familiar compact keyboard form, ushering in a new era of creative possibilities.

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