Arturia MatrixBrute Noir Limited Edition

Paraphonic Analogue Synthesizer

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Stunning limited edition of the Matrixbrute paraphonic synthesizer with a sophisticated black finish.

At a glance

  • Sleek black edition of MatrixBrute
  • Pure analogue sound: linear VCO & LFO, saw, square, triangle, sine, LFO time divisions, key tracking
  • 49 full-size keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • Intuitive sound shaping: UltraSaw, Pulse Width, Metalizer and Sub VCOs can supercharge your tone
  • Noise generator with white, pink, blue and red noise
  • 3 unique envelope generators
  • Plays well with others: MatrixBrute features a 5-input audio mixer with filter routing as well as extensive connectivity including 12 CV/gate inputs and outputs
  • Climb the ladder: multi-mode Steiner-Parker and ladder filters, able to be used solo or together in series or parallel
  • Brute factor: add a little controlled insanity to your sound
  • Arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer
  • Analogue effects section including delays, flanger, chorus and reverb

The Arturia Matrixbrute Noir Analogue Synthesizer is a stunning limited edition of the Matrixbrute paraphonic synthesizer with a sophisticated black finish. 

The Arturia Matrixbrute Noir uses the same 3-oscillator subtractive architecture and extensive range of controls as the original.

Powerful Analogue VCO

Of the three brute oscillators, two use an exponential architecture with similar wave controls as those found on the Minibrute and the third one is a linear VCO with a choice of four different waveforms and an auto-tune function to limit analogue drifting. VCO 3 can be used as a third oscillator or as an LFO capable of operating at audio rates for modulation. Both VCO and LFO can be used simultaneously.

Each voice includes its own waveshaping features such as Ultrasaw, Metalizer and Pulse Width Modulation. In addition, the Audio Mod adds subtle movement or create wild textures.

Multiple Voices

The MatrixBrute offers three different playing modes, combining or splitting the oscillators. 

  • In Monophonic mode, all three oscillators are combined to create a thick sound and powerful sound.
  • Paraphonic mode splits all three VCOs to separate keys allowing up to three notes to be played creating chords
  • The Duo-split mode splits the MatrixBrute into two different synthesizers (VCO1+2 into Steiner Parker VCF and VCO 3 into the Ladder Filter), going much further than traditional duophonic designs.

Dual Filter Design

The MatrixBrute features two different multi-mode filters, the Steiner-Parker filter found in the Minibrute and the rich Ladd filter inspired by classic Moog synths. Both filters can be used in parallel or in series. Each filter offers different modes include Low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filters as well as a choice of 2-pole (12dB/oct), 4-pole (24dB/oct) slopes.

Both filters also include a Drive control which saturates the signal before the filter and Arturia’s renowned Brute Factor. VCF1 also includes a notch curve. 

Versatile Routing Matrix

At the heart of this analogue synth lies a powerful digital modulation matrix inspired by the Legendary VCS-3 analogue synthesizer adding semi-modular capabilities. One key advantage of the matrix approach is the possibility of creating complex routings at the press of a button as well as sending one source to multiple destinations.

The matrix also doubles up as a flexible 64-step sequencer for creating fast melodic sequence. 

Geared for performance

The MatrixBrute is a player’s dream synth with a raft of powerful hands-on controls and options. Its high-quality 49-note keyboard offers a smooth and expressive synth-action with both aftertouch and velocity sensitivity. 

Four assignable macro controls are located next to the traditional Pitch and Mod Wheels and provide a great performance tool by assigning multiple parameters to a single knob allowing for dramatic changes to the patch in a simple motion.

The step sequencer and arpeggiator add further melodic controls freeing up both hands for further live tweaking. 

Built-in Analogue Effects

If this wasn’t enough, the MatrixBrute includes true analogue effects such as mono and stereo delays, chorus, flanger and reverbs adding depth space to a patch.

Perfect Studio Integration

In terms of connectivity, the MatrixBrute has it all. In addition to the usual MIDI In/Out and Thru, it boasts USB MIDI, 3.5mm Gate I/O and 12 CV inputs and outputs to integrate with your modular setup.

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