Arturia MiniFreak Stellar Edition

Hybrid synthesiser

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Six-voice polyphonic synthesiser with dual digital sound engines, analogue filters, a 37-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, over 20 synthesis modes including virtual analogue, FM, and additive, an expanded modulation matrix with polyphonic ADSR envelopes, customisable multi-segment LFO shapes, FM and ring modulation, three digital FX slots offering ten types of effects such as 3-band EQ and six-mode distortion, and includes the MiniFreak V plugin for seamless integration with digital audio workstations

At a glance

  • Limited edition colourway, minimal numbers available globally
  • 6-voice polyphony
  • 37-note velocity-sensitive black keyboard, with aftertouch
  • Two sound Engines with 23 oscillator modes in total
  • Engine 2 can be used to process Engine 1
  • One envelope per voice
  • One cycling envelope per voice
  • 2 LFOs per voice
  • Polyphonic analogue filters and VCAs
  • Three digital FX slots in insert or send mode
  • User-customizable LFO curves
  • Mod Matrix with seven sources and 13 potential destinations
  • Intuitive 64-step sequencer (4 pages of 16 steps)
  • Four lanes of automated modulation
  • Performance Arpeggiator
  • Sustain, audio in, and clock in/out connectivity
  • Stereo outputs
  • 256 factory presets
  • 256 user slots.

The Arturia MiniFreak Stellar is a special edition that refines the notable qualities of its polyphonic hybrid keyboard, catering to professional musicians and sound designers. This edition boasts a dark, intergalactic theme that complements its technical capabilities, including dual digital sound engines, analogue filters, and a robust modulation, sequencing, and stereo effects suite.

Key Performance Enhancements

This synthesiser features a 37-note, velocity-sensitive keyboard equipped with an aftertouch for dynamic, evolving performances. The Stellar model supports over 20 synthesis modes, such as virtual analogue, FM, and additive, facilitating the creation of complex sonic textures.

Advanced Modulation and Effects

The MiniFreak Stellar expands upon the original Freak's modulation matrix, offering comprehensive control with features like polyphonic ADSR envelopes, customisable multi-segment LFO shapes, and both FM and ring modulation. The device also includes three digital FX slots with selections from ten different FX types, including a 3-band EQ and six-mode distortion, enhancing its stereo outputs.

Seamless DAW Integration

The MiniFreak V plugin accompanies the hardware, enabling full integration with any digital audio workstation. This allows users to seamlessly transfer their sound designs between the software and the synthesiser.

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