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Versatile software synthesizer that combines powerful sound generation with an intuitive workflow, catering to the modern producer's needs. With its fifth iteration, the software introduces multi-core processing for enhanced CPU efficiency, allowing for intricate sound design and external audio processing with ease. The user interface has been refined for an improved experience, complemented by a new generative sequencer for effortless melody creation. Pigments 5 expands its sonic arsenal with over 1500 sounds, including 100 new factory presets, additional wavetables, samples, and exclusive preset expansions, ensuring a comprehensive toolkit for creative expression.

At a glance

  • Integration of multi-core processing for optimized performance.
  • It is capable of processing external audio through the utility engine and expanding FX routing options.
  • Revamped play view featuring new visualizers and UX enhancements.
  • New generative sequencer with one-click sequence generation, play modes, saveable presets, and sequence browsing, plus a sequencer lock feature.
  • Over 1500 sounds, including 100 new factory presets, additional wavetables, and samples.
  • "Explorations" preset packs offer 3 new sound banks with 150 presets each, showcasing a range of bold and expansive sounds.

Arturia Pigments 5 is a software instrument renowned for its ability to generate a vast array of sounds, from ready-to-mix contemporary presets to complex, personalized soundscapes. This synthesizer marries unbounded sound creation capabilities with an engaging, colourful workflow, ensuring it stands out as an essential tool for today's music producers.

In its fifth iteration, Pigments elevates the art of synthesis. It offers a comprehensive yet user-friendly approach to sound design, enhancing its capacity to produce robust, compelling sounds.

Enhanced CPU Efficiency

Pigments 5 introduces multi-core processing, optimizing CPU usage. This advancement makes the synthesizer more accessible, allowing a broader range of users to experience its extensive capabilities without compromising system performance.

Advanced Audio Processing

With Pigments 5, users can now route external audio into the synthesizer using the Utility engine. This feature, coupled with expanded FX routing options, provides unprecedented audio processing capabilities within the software.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface of Pigments has undergone significant enhancements. The updated play view now boasts new visualizers and user experience improvements, making sound design and composition both intuitive and visually engaging.

Innovative Sequencing Features

The new generative sequencer in Pigments 5 simplifies complex sequencing tasks. With just one click, users can generate sequences, explore new play modes, and browse or save presets. The sequencer lock feature allows users to maintain sequence settings while switching between different sounds, fostering creative exploration.

Expanded Sound Library

Pigments 5 introduces an array of fresh sonic elements. Users can dive into 100 new factory presets and discover new wavetables and samples. The total library now exceeds 1500 meticulously curated sounds, ensuring that producers have a wealth of options at their fingertips.

Exclusive Preset Expansions

The software also presents "Explorations," a series of three new sound banks. Each bank contains 150 presets, offering a diverse palette of sounds characterized by their boldness, vibrancy, and expansive nature—hallmarks of the Pigments sound.

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