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The Arturia Pigments is a state-of-the-art software synthesiser combining the power of every type of synthesis with four state-of-the-art sound engines, effortless modulation and studio-grade FX.

The Arturia Pigment's innovative interface and combination of sound engines ensure you create any sound, from traditional analogue sounds to real-world instrument emulations or metallic timbres. Pigment also includes a powerful FX section that includes emulations such as Chorus Jun-6, Jupiter-8 resonant low-pass filter, the new MS-20 filter and many more.

In this latest version, Pigment adds a new graphical interface with a higher-contrast light mode that makes navigation much more straightforward. It also includes a Play mode that strips back modules and provides hands-on macros to help focus on playing rather than getting lost in the powerful world of sound design. 

Four Powerful Sound Engines

Pigments combines four powerful engines, including an improved Wavetable Synthesis, Virtual Analogue, Harmonic and Sample and Granular, to create virtually any sound in any genre. Each engine exhibits unique characteristics, and two engines can be blended to create sounds to match your imagination. 

The virtual analogue engine uses Arturia's award-winning analogue emulation technology, used in all their classic synth emulations, recreating all the warmth and colours of classic analogue equipment.

The Wavetable engine includes more than 160 wavetables to choose from and allows you to import your own, offering virtually limitless sound design options. Furthermore, it is possible to morph and blend between wavetables to generate new and unique sounds.

Powerful modulation and high-quality effects.

Pigment includes many parameters and in-depth modulation to provide limitless creative possibilities. Blending traditional and modern techniques to modulation, it allows the user to modulate almost any parameter, providing cutting-edge ways to interact to shape the sound.

It boasts three envelopes, three LFOs, as well as randomisers, twin combinators and custom parameters that provide in-depth modulation possibilities for robust sound design.

Furthermore, eighteen high-quality effects, including parametric EQ, Reverb, filters, bit crushers and more, provide additional sound-shaping capabilities. A Multiband compressor is also provided in this version.

Flexible Sequencer

The Built-in sequencer provides a powerful and flexible way to create rhythmic patterns. The sequencer provides in-depth control of almost any setting. As it moves along with the created pattern the sequencer displays all rhythms and patterns in real-time.

The Sequencer allows for the creation of polyrhythms and includes 14 scales for added flexibility. A random function lets you create new patterns, explore different possibilities and generate new ideas.

Over 1000 Presets

Pigment includes 1200 presets from some cutting-edge and legendary producers covering many genres, from atmospheric soundscape to synthwave leads. 

A fresh sound exploration system delivers quick access to a huge selection of new factory presets, wavetables, samples and noise types.

Artists include Jeremiah Savage, Cubic Spline, Stephanie Schott, Matt Pike, Twolegs Toeworks, Simon Gallifet, Maxime Audfray, Femme and many more. 

Going beyond presets, Arturia has included an idea icon that offers recommendations from sound designers to help come up with new ideas.

Furthermore, this new version includes a much-improved workflow with drag-and-drop modulation editing, LFO waveform presets and ODDSounds MTS-ESP micro-tuning compatibility.

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