Arturia PolyBrute

6-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer with Patch Morphing, Dual Filters, Polyphonic Sequencer and much much more.

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6-voice analogue polysynth

At a glance

  • 6 voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer
  • Dual analogue filters, one state variable, one ladder style
  • Digital effects
  • 64-step polyphonic sequencer
  • 61-note keybed
  • Ribbon controller XYZ Morphee controller
  • Motion recording 12x32 modulation matrix
  • Three envelopes
  • Three LFO's
  • PolyBrute companion software
  • 768 preset slots with 384 factory presets

The Arturia PolyBrute is a 61-note 6-voice analogue polyphonic synthesizer with two VCO's per voice, two distinct filters, digital effects, advanced modulation, a wealth of controllers, polyphonic sequencing, preset recall, Patch Morphing, a gorgeous LED pushbutton controlled modulation matrix taken from the MatrixBrute and so much more.

Since Arturia joined the hardware synth market back in 2012 with the original MiniBrute, they have continued to released a diverse array of synths, drum machines and sequencers that have redefined the landscape and pushed a lot of new technologies and ideas to the forefront of synthesizer design.

One of the most frequently asked questions of Arturia has been "When will you make a polyphonic synthesizer?" and they've answered that question with the PolyBrute. A six voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer, which draws inspiration from a whole host of Arturia's other machines, whilst adding in a tonne of brand new features that have never been seen before in an Analogue Synthesizer...let alone a polyphonic one.

Whilst the PolyBrute might resemble other Arturia synths, it has been completely re-voiced and includes some of the most forward thinking additions on a synth to date.

The synthesis architecture of the PolyBrute comprises of two oscillators per voice, each with saw triangle with metallizer, square with PWM waveforms, plus sub oscillator and noise generator, two analogue filters; one continuously variable multimode Steiner Parker and one 24dB ladder style filter with overdrive, meaning you can get all the smooth tones from the classic polys, but also push PolyBrute into unique and potentially more aggressive sonic territory.

To complement the high quality, analogue voicing Arturia have included a whole bunch of controllers and modulation tools for building complex patches, phrases and sequences;

The first of which is the 12x32 LED button controlled modulation matrix, which is taken directly from the Matrixbrute, letting you re-wire, re-define the signal path of the synth to make custom modulation chains and complex patches. For Polybrute Arturia added an OLED display, letting you clearly see what modulation destination you have programmed. This LED matrix also serves as the preset recall grid, the sequencer controller, and also handles some aspect of the patch morphing.

The next controller is the Morphee which is a highly expressive XYZ controller which can be freely assigned to almost any destination on the synth along with the familiar ribbon controller, both of which can also be detected by the onboard motion control recorder.

The motion recorder is a separate "sequencer" input almost like realtime parameter locks, where the motion or position of any pot or controller on the synth can be recorded in realtime based on the incoming or internal BPM the synth is running at, so you program and record in staggering array of inputs to build more rhythmic or simple more complex results using both the note sequencer with the motion recorder.

Another unique addition to the PolyBrute is the aforementioned patch Morphing, which allows you to smoothly morph between two preset panel states on the synth, creating unusual in between sounds and can change almost every parameter even more binary things, like switches for the sync status and much more...this control and even be modulated by one of the mod sources -  Morph is an incredible addition to this already monstrous machine.

In terms of modulation, there's three envelopes each with velocity, three LFO's with tempo sync, one with phase control, one with fade in control, one with curvature control and they also have different modes to receive triggers from.

And to top it off, there a suite of stereo effects derived from Arturia's vast plug in library, which includes a chorus, phaser, flanger combo, a triple mode delay, triple mode reverb and a control for the stereo panning width.

This is one of the most comprehensive polysynths on the market, offering an unimaginable raw analogue tone with a staggering array of control, sequencing and modulation options, all in a user friendly package that demands to be played.

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