Arturia Sound Explorers Collection BELLEDONNE

Virtual instrument software package

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Comprehensive suite of virtual synthesizers and FX alongside thousands of presets.

At a glance

  • Over 30 iconic keyboard & synth software instruments from piano to vintage synth reproductions
  • Over 20 virtual modern and creative effects & vintage studio gear emulations
  • Recreated with advanced TAE® and Phi® modelling technologies
  • Cutting-edge production & performance instruments Pigments and Analog Lab
  • Including 50 additional world-class sound banks with over 4000 presets to expand V Collection, Pigments, and Analog Lab’s preset libraries
  • Each instrument or effect can be used in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as a VST, AU, AAX, or NKS plug-in
  • Beautiful, incredibly detailed, high-res interfaces
  • In-app tutorials

The Arturia Sound Explorers Belledone Collection is a comprehensive suite of virtual synthesisers and FX alongside thousands of presets.

The Arturia Sound Explorers Belledone includes over 30 of Arturia’s best synthesizers, including the Vintage Collection Bundle, their cutting-edge Pigments, and over 20 virtual modern effects. It further includes a library of 50 sound banks with over 4000 presets.

V Collection 9:

Arturia’s legendary suite of vintage and classic synthesizers and acoustic and electric pianos the V-Collection offers an impressive level of realism thanks to their patented TAE and Phi modelling technologies, providing the holy grail of synths in one convenient package.


Arturia’s cutting-edge instrument blends virtual analogue, sampling, wavetable and additive synthesis in a powerful instrument capable of the most impressive and out-of-this-world sounds.

FX Collection

This bundle includes the recreation of classic processors including compressors, EQs, delays, reverbs and more. 

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