ARTURIA V-Collection X (Digital download)

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Premium suite of professional software, featuring 39 meticulously crafted emulations of iconic instruments, from hybrid synth engines to legendary keyboards, enhanced for modern production workflows. Serving as reference instruments for era-defining music, the collection represents the best from past, present, and future, delivering unparalleled sound quality and functionality. With a focus on sonic discovery, it offers 39 pro-grade instruments with unique characters, including new additions like Minifreak V and Acid V, as well as rebuilt classics like Mini V and Wurli V. The collection's ease of use is highlighted by 10,000 presets, NKS compatibility, smart controls, and in-app tutorials. V Collection X introduces an Augmented Series and showcases exclusive expansion packs, elevating its creative power to new heights and making it an essential tool for modern music creators.

At a glance

  • V Collection 9 now includes 39 instruments: more than just synths and keyboards, the suite now features 3 more Augmented Series titles
  • 6 new instruments: Minifreak V, Acid V, CP-70 V, Augmented GRAND PIANO, Augmented BRASS and Augmented WOODWIND.
  • Mini V rebuilt: Mini V4 Archetypal triple oscillator mono synth, redesigned and enhanced for unmatched bass and lead synthesis.
  • Wurli V Rebuilt: Wurli V3 Soulful electric piano, remastered and
    remodeled with added effects for an irresistible, iconic sound.
  • Thousands of new expertly-crafted presets: 3 new expansion packs and 450 new presets

The Arturia V-Collection X is a premium suite of professional software encompassing 39 emulations of the most evocative and enigmatic instruments ever created. These instruments range from protean hybrid synth engines and mythical modular arrays to legendary organs, keyboards, and meticulously captured acoustic sounds, all enhanced for today's streamlined production workflows.

Serving as reference instruments for music makers defining their era, this collection features only the finest software instruments from the past, present, and future. Powered by exclusive modelling technology and decades of engineering expertise, it delivers unparalleled sound quality and functionality, making it an essential tool for today's music creators.

With a focus on sonic discovery, the V Collection X offers 39 pro-grade instruments, each possessing a distinct and inspiring character. From pristine keyboard emulations to the innovative Augmented series of hybrid sample and synthesis instruments, this collection is meticulously crafted for the demands of modern production workflows.

Ease of use is paramount, with 10,000 presets, three exclusive new sound banks, NKS compatibility, smart macro controls, and in-app tutorials. V Collection X becomes the quickest route to the sounds you need, allowing you to instantly summon the perfect preset or embark on transformative sound design with just a few clicks.

What's new in V Collection X? The release introduces brand new instruments, resurrects some fan favourites, and features a fully-featured Augmented Series and entirely rebuilt titles, elevating V Collection's creative power to new heights.

New instruments include:

  • Minifreak V: A mind-bending hybrid synth with digital voices, modelled analogue filters, deep modulation, and expressive features.
  • Acid V: A cult-classic bass synth with extra features for reactive, ever-evolving lysergic grooves and mutated sequences.
  • CP70 V: A legendary electro-acoustic piano that fuses detailed sampling with authentic modelling for an intimate stage sound.
  • Augmented Grand Piano: Expressive, contemporary, and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded and fused with cutting-edge synthesis.
  • Augmented Brass: Unique and powerful brass sounds for modern production, uniting accurate reproduction with bold synth engines.
  • Augmented Woodwinds: Atmospheric, organic, and augmented woodwind array, captured in detail and combined with state-of-the-art synthesis.

Additionally, some instruments have been entirely rebuilt, such as Mini V, an archetypal triple-oscillator mono synth redesigned and enhanced for unmatched bass and lead synthesis, and Wurli V, a soulful electric piano remastered and remodelled with added effects for an irresistible, iconic sound.

The collection also includes three exclusive expansion packs, showcasing the sonic prowess of each of V Collection X's new titles.

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