ASM Hydrasynth Module

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The ASM Hydrasynth is a unique 8 voice polyphonic wavetable synthesizer, with a brilliant user interface, polyphonic aftertouch, lush stereo effects and a foray of modulation capabilities that will satisfy even the keenest wiggler.

Available as in both keyboard and desktop versions, both share the same deep synthesis architecture but offer slightly different front panel controls.

The module version is a compact system, that offers a tonne of hands on control over the synths powerful editing potential. Each voice comprises of three wavetable oscillators which have access to 219 single cycle waveforms, each voice also has a wave morphing modifier attached to it, letting you pick the wavetables you want to morph through, letting you create custom wavetables!

Another oscillator feature are Mutators, this is where you apply FM, sync, PWM and a myriad of other oscillator-facing modulation. Speaking of modulation, the Hydrasynth has a superb means of handling signal patching:

On the front panel is a block diagram of the signal flow, so for example, if you want to use LFO1 to modulation Oscillator 1…simply click LFO 1 then VCO 1, set the depth of that modulation chain and you’re good to go, it’s that simple.

There’s 5 unique LFO’s on hand, with a step mode that lets you use them a mini step sequencers (if desired), giving a tonne of options of animating you sound with as little hassle as possible.

Aside from its genius means to handle modulation, the systems user interface allows for a wide array of, the master controls contextually sensitive array of 8 encoders let’s you control the part of the synthesis engine you select in the block diagram, so all of the aspects of that “module” are at your fingertips.

And what’s more, when you’re not in the contextually sensitive control section the eight encoders serve as a bank of macro controllers, where multiple functions with independent depth can be setup per encoder to let you make massive changes and completely transform a patch, just by turning one knob.

And just for the modular users amongst us, there’s a group of 7 modular connections, two inputs which serves as dedicated modulation inputs and 5 outputs where pitch, gate, mod 1 mod 2 and analogue clock can also be sent from the unit – making it a great centre piece for sync’ing your DAW to your modular environment.

The main features of the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth include

  • 8-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer
  • State variable dual filter
  • Polyphonic after touch
  • Macro control section
  • Touch and assign modulation
  • Lush stereo effects
  • Highly configurable arpeggiator
  • Deep editing capabilities
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