Aston Halo Shadow

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High-quality, well-engineered reflection filter designed to bring better sound refraction using a truly unique design made in the UK., Aston Halo Shadow

The Aston Halo reflection filter is a revolutionary portable acoustic booth technology advancement. Unlike the numerous variations of the ageing design concept flooding the market, the Aston Halo stands out with unparalleled performance in isolation, absorption, mounting hardware, and overall studio tool functionality for achieving portable room control.

Highly regarded by independent magazine reviews, the multiple award-winning Aston Halo is hailed as the world's finest reflection filter, and its elegant appearance only adds to its appeal.

The Halo's exceptional construction utilizes patented PET felt, making it one of the most lightweight and efficient technical acoustic products globally. This environmentally friendly filter incorporates 70% recycled PET plastic, further contributing to its green credentials.

Designed with practicality, the Halo features expertly engineered "easy-mount" hardware, ensuring quick and stable setup on microphone stands. The result is a filter that sounds fantastic and looks impeccable.

Outperforming other portable booths, the Halo boasts a unique design that wraps around both top and bottom, creating a maximum rear depth of nearly 100mm. This innovative approach enhances room isolation and absorption without overpowering the natural room sound. The filter's textured and wave-formed surface also aids in diffusing direct sound.

Understanding the challenges faced by artists when using conventional reflection filters, Aston took creativity into account during Halo's development. Its form, colour options, and size are thoughtfully designed to provide a more "organic-feeling" space, encouraging performers to thrive in a comfortable and inspiring environment.

Combining substantial improvements in almost every aspect of existing technology, a commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, and a focus on empowering artists with the perfect performance environment, the Aston Halo represents the ultimate solution for portable room acoustics available today.

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